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H-Towne Remodelers is a full service remodeling company based outside of Houston, Texas. With two decades of experience in the remodeling industry, H-Towne has earned an unparelled reputation second to none. Below are the top ten reasons why you should call H-Towne Remodelers for your next remodeling project.

Top Ten Reasons To Do Business With H-Towne Remodelers

  1. H-Towne Remodelers is an ethical company. No matter how big or small the project is, we will bend over backwards for our customers, we have a very simple policy, we will not leave you until you are happy & yes we are insured for your protection.
  2. Unlike other remodeling companies in town, H-Towne does not drag out the project for any longer than needed. We typically accomplish about $1000.00 worth of production daily and so once you get your bid from us, that should tell you about how long the project should take.
  3. Once your job has been assigned a crew, they are there until the job is complete. With H-Towne there will be very little down time on the project, we stay on top of it until its complete. You will also be kept informed throughout the project either in person, email or text messaged. You will find we are extremely easy to work with and you will love our people that we send to you to complete these jobs. We have true “tradesman” working for us. Many of them are second and third generation in their fields. Unlike other remodeling companies, we rarely multi-task our people to save money on jobs. We have found that keeping tradesmen in their field of expertise translates to a better finished product. Our job may cost us a little more to build it this way but the end result is worth it.
  4. Have you ever done business with a company where the salesperson promises you the world but you only see them the one time that you sign? Not at H-Towne. Our on staff Design Builders are more than “salesman” They will build you what they sell you, therefore, you don’t have to worry about if the left handed superintendent knows what the right handed salesman sold you. Our design builders are held accountable for the finished product.
  5. We have built hundreds of jobs of all types of complexity. From major structural additions to kitchens and bath remodels including windows and siding replacement jobs. How does a beautiful back porch sound? We can do it! There is no job that we cannot do.
  6. We are asked all the time, Do we need an architect? That is completely up to you. We provide free drawings with our jobs. The difference being that many times we can design a project that meets budgetary requirements, whereas, an architect is just selling you a set of plans on a project that he/she has no clue what it will cost to build. This can create a huge let down for you because you may find out that you can’t afford the project after you paid an arm and a leg for the plans.
  7. Have you ever called out a company for a bid and it took weeks to get something back from them? Understand that if any company is taking that long to get a simple estimate back to you on something that they supposedly do everyday, one of the following probably applies:

    1. Company is too busy…If it takes that long for an estimate, how long will the job take?
    2. Company does not want the job, it may be too complex for them.
    3. Company is unorganized…“Ooops forgot!”
    4. All of the above

    At H-Towne our policy is to get the estimates back within 72 hours, most are within 48 hours.

  8. Unlike many other companies that give you a total price but no line item detail of the bid, H-Towne Remodelers will show you by category where the money is being spent. We don’t use “smoke and mirrors” with our estimates.
  9. Owner is a 2 time NARI Nationally Recognized Award Winning, Design Builder 2005 & 2008, both projects took first place in two different categories competing against many other beautiful projects. This prestigious award was presented to J.R Smith while contracted out to a well known General Contractor in Houston, Texas.
  10. “Let us prove to you that we are better than the rest, we want to be your contact in the remodeling business now and forever, a trusting relationship that we will build one job at a time, you have my word on that”
    -J.R Smith
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