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Are you looking for a local bathroom remodeling company you can trust to get the job done right? H-Towne Remodelers has over 20 years of experience remodeling kitchens in the Houston area and all of our tradesmen are experts in their particular fields. Whether you are looking to add a powder room, completely gut and remodel you master bathroom, or you would like to renovate an existing outdated bathroom with cosmetic fixes, we can help.

No bathroom remodel is too big or too small for us. Regardless of the project’s scope, you can rely on us to make sure that everything goes smoothly and you get the bathroom you had pictured in your mind.

What’s more; besides remodeling your kitchen, bathroom renovation projects have one of the highest ROIs.

Popular Bathroom Remodeling Styles

When it’s time for a bathroom renovation, you have a lot of fun (but important) decisions to make. You can either come to our office and view samples of tile, marble, granite, fixtures, and other materials or bring us your own. Your new bathroom design is limited only by your imagination. If you have links to images and styles that you like, please share them with us. If you went to a home and garden show or material store and found something you love, we can find a way to incorporate it into the design.

Whether you’re going for a classic white bathroom look or a vintage bathroom with a clawfoot tub and subway tile, we are excited to help create the perfect bathroom for you.  Our custom bathroom remodeling contractors and designers do not make cookie cutter bathrooms; we prefer them to be unique. Below are some of the most popular bathroom styles that inspire our clients, but we do not limit yourself to just these options.

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Common Bathroom Styles Requested During Renovations

  • Classic
  • Vintage
  • Contemporary
  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Cottage
  • Craftsman
  • Traditional
  • Mediterranean
  • Country
  • Asian
  • Organic Spa
  • Art Deco
  • Tropical

Let us know which styles you like and share any examples you find around the web so we can help design and build the perfect bathroom for you and your family.

A bathroom renovation can help you achieve the style and function you desire regardless of size or layout.  Whether you desire to enlarge a small space, update the style or turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat, you’ll find bathroom fixtures to enrich your design. Choose from sinks, showers and tubs made of a variety of materials and cabinets that will enhance the layout. Both prefabricated and custom storage solutions are available to help you make the most of your space. You can transform any bathroom into a comfortable, stylish space with a bathroom remodeling project. Here are some ideas to help you design your ideal bathroom.

Common Bathroom Layouts

Jack and Jill bathrooms are in high demand for homes with children. A jack and jill bathroom allows two children to have a virtual en-suite bedroom with private sinks and vanities, but in actuality they are sharing the main toilet, tub, and shower.

Three Quarter Bath

A three quarter bathroom is intended for secondary use and is usually more functional in design. They are often equipped with single vanities, and countertops are made of easy to maintain materials such as porcelain, solid surface, laminate or tile. A backsplash with decorative tile work can add interest to this otherwise utilitarian space.

Porcelain sinks are an attractive option for a three quarter bath, whereas they offer flexibility in coordinating the décor. The durability of stainless steel sinks makes them a popular choice as well.

A three quarter bath typically has only a small area for fixtures. The style you choose may also depend on the frequency in which the bathroom is used and who is using it. In the event one or more of the people using it has mobility issues, a walk-in-shower, walk-in tub or walk-in shower/tub may present the best option.

Tile, vinyl and linoleum are affordable and easy to maintain flooring types that work well in a three quarter bath. Some are available with a slip resistant surface. Stone flooring such as pebble or honed marble also offer slip resistance.

The amount of traffic the bathroom receives will also determine the amount of storage needed. In a secondary bathroom, a storage tower will usually provide ample storage for supplies, and a peg rail can be used to hang towels.

Guest Bathroom Renovations

The guest bathroom is not as large as the master bathroom, but you want your guests to be comfortable. To provide them with ample space, a dual vanity is often desirable. Countertops should be durable and coordinate with the other fixtures. Stainless steel is quite strong, but if you’re on a slightly smaller budget, you might find a solid surface countertop an attractive option. These countertops are comprised of resins and minerals and may have the appearance of natural stone. They are nonporous and resistant to impact as well as bacteria. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative, recycled glass countertops are available as cement based or resin based. However, they require the same maintenance as granite and quartz and are more expensive.

Sinks are available in numerous styles and materials. You’ll find a stainless steel sink quite strong and affordable. A stone sink is heavy and may require custom cabinetry. It also demands a great deal of maintenance and is easily scratched. A porcelain sink provides a variety of décor options but may chip.

The guest bathroom is often limited in space, making a shower/bath combo or walk-in shower the most suitable choice. If you’re planning to include a few extras, a dual head shower or mounted seat shower will add a nice touch.

Wood, tile and laminate are good choices for guest bathroom flooring because they are durable and easy to maintain. Vinyl and linoleum are more affordable green options that offer the same aesthetically pleasing appearance but are more easily damaged.  

Bathroom storage space should be provided for linens and your guests’ personal items. A wall cabinet is often sufficient to store items needed for a brief visit, and a medicine cabinet will provide your guests convenience access to their accessories.

Remodeling or Adding a Powder Room

A powder room is a small but elegantly decorated bathroom consisting of a toilet and a pedestal sink or console sink. Free standing vanities are also popular and usually include countertops made of natural stone such as:

  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Soapstone

Free standing vanities can provide storage for bathroom supplies, cosmetics and other personal care items.

Stone sinks are usually preferred as well. Vessel sinks are another favorite for powder rooms and are available in numerous bowl styles and materials.

The absence of a shower or tub provides greater flooring options for a powder room. Some materials to consider include hardwood, marble, travertine, slate and tile carpet.

Master Suite Bathroom Additions

Adding a second master suite is an option for homes with multi-generational families. In some cases, homeowners just need to update an outdate but functional layout with cosmetic changes. In other cases, clients want to remodel the entire master bathroom and change the layout to reconfigure and optimize the space. Master suite additions are  a smart investment, especially in Houston. Buyers expect an ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom, so adding one will not only increase your home’s value but make it sell faster.

The master bathroom is typically the largest bathroom in the house and contains many more elegant features. Since it is frequently used by two people, dual vanities are popular and a toilet enclosure is often desirable for privacy. The master bathroom is most often connected to the master bedroom and designed to flow from it with coordinating colors and styles. Countertops are usually constructed of quality materials consisting of natural stone such as:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Lava
  • Concrete

Self-rimming sinks are most common because they’re easier to install than an under-mounted sink. They’re also quite durable and resist leaks. Vessel sinks are also popular and available in several types including stone, copper, or porcelain. The backsplash is usually constructed of materials such as subway tile, brick, reclaimed wood or colorful glass tile that is often used to create an appealing mosaic.

In many master bathrooms, a free standing tub serves as a centerpiece. Some popular choices include:

  • Jacuzzi tub
  • Claw-foot tub
  • Whirlpool tub
  • Pedestal tub
  • Two person tub
  • Glass tub
  • Metal tub
  • Wood tub

The master bathroom usually includes a separate doorless shower as well. It may be either a dual shower with multiple showerheads or a built-in seat shower. The seamless shower design makes the bathroom appear larger and creates an aesthetically pleasing flow between the elements of the room. An additional steam shower may also be installed to provide health benefits.

Radiant heating has made heated floors an option for master bathrooms. The heating elements can be placed beneath wood, laminate or tile. Other popular flooring types include natural stone such as marble, pebble, travertine and slate as well as concrete.

The master bathroom should include plenty of storage space for linens and personal care items. Vanity niches or a vanity cabinet can provide an area to tuck personal care items out of the way and prevent clutter. A custom armoire or custom shelving unit offers convenient access to linens.

Half Baths

Like the powder room, the half bath is a petite room with a toilet and pedestal sink, console sink or wall-mounted sink. It is not as an elaborate bathroom remodel but may include decorative tile and a porcelain, stainless steel or stone sink. Add a half bathroom to your game room, pool house, or first floor so that guests don’t have to use your private retreat.

Flooring materials for a half bath are also less extravagant and usually include:

  • Tile
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Linoleum

A wall cabinet is often used to store supplies, and a peg rail provides an area to hang a hand towel. We can help you decide how you would like your half bath configured.

What fixture choices do I have?

You will need to choose the color of the fixtures you’d like, then we can help narrow your decision down with different options for light fixtures, faucets, taps, towel racks, and shower frames (if necessary). You can choose from brushed nickel, polished brass, satin bronze, matte black, white, copper, and chrome.

What kind of bathroom countertops can you install?

We can install any kind of bathroom countertops, from natural stone slabs like marble, granite, and quartz to man-made green options like laminate, concrete, and tile. For durability and easy cleaning, we highly recommend going with either a stone slab or a poured concrete countertop in your bathroom.

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