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Porch & Patio Additions

A patio is the perfect place to relax, entertain or enjoy a cookout. It can turn an ordinary backyard into a leisurely retreat. Here in Houston, many people request covered patio additions so they can enjoy the outdoors without getting heat stroke. Other common requests to beat the heat include ceiling fans and power outlets for outdoor refrigerators. Our patio remodeling contractors can add a covered porch, natural stone patio, or wrap around porch that exceeds your expectations. You’ll have all of the outdoor living space you need just in time for barbecue season.

When you add a patio or porch to your home, you add living space and your home becomes an extension of the outdoors – a place where you can breathe in the fresh air and delight in nature. Whether you’re considering a patio addition or a patio renovation, you’ll find many stunning designs to add beauty to your home.

Patio Styles

You can find patio designs that complement your home and serve any function. A patio can provide an area for outdoor entertaining, dining or a garden. Swimming pool patios provide a pleasant place for sunning and an outdoor kitchen patio is perfect for gatherings. Patios with fireplaces offer a cozy spot to gaze upon the stars on a cool evening. You can choose from several types of gazebo patios to provide shade and shelter. Here are some patio ideas to help kindle your creative energy.


Texas Style Covered Patios. We’ve all seen the big Texas style covered patios that extend across the whole back of the house, incorporating big pillars and stone or brick bases with at least on big Texas star. And we all want one. Add a fireplace, barbecue pit, and bar and you are in business.

Old World Patio Additions. Old World patios incorporate muted colors and tumbled stone for a timeworn appearance. These patios are quite complementary to adobe or stucco homes.

Garden Patios. Garden ambiance patios fill the air with delightful fragrances from cascading flowers and blooms springing forth from decorative planters.

Terrace Patios. Terrace patios are elevated and are ideal if your home offers a picturesque view of the mountains, ocean or countryside.

Courtyard Additions. Courtyards are walled in and offer privacy and seclusion. They present numerous design possibilities but are commonly decorated with trees, greenery and fountains.

Alfresco Dining Patio. Alfrescos provide open air dining and are often covered. Styles are virtually limitless.

Pool House Addition. A pool house is the ideal backyard retreat. It can be as simple as a seating area or include a kitchen and guest quarters.

Pergolas. A pergola patio is covered by an open lattice of beams and is perfect for hanging plants or training vines. Adding a pergola to your backyard adds a touch of style and much needed shade in our warm climate.

French Provincial Patios. French patios incorporate gardens, bistros and the soft flicker of imitation gas lanterns to create an air of romance.

Fiesta Patios. Fiesta patios are ablaze with color, adorned with Mexican tiles, hand painted pottery and adobe.

Contemporary Porch and Patio Designs. Contemporary patio styles are characterized by clean lines, minimalist furnishings and multiple levels that add depth.

Classic Patios. Classic patios radiate both comfort and elegance with white wicker floors and column style supports.

Rustic Porch and Covered Patios. Rustic patios merge with the outdoors through the use of natural materials such as rocks, stone slabs and wood beams.

Formal Patios. Formal patios have a tailored, symmetrical appearance in a garden environment.

European Patio Designs. European style patios derive their influence from features such as stone hardscape, seat walls and fountains.

Outdoor Theater Additions. Outdoor theaters bring the big screen to your backyard for movies, video games and slide shows.

Balcony Patio Additions. You can choose any style for your patio remodel or addition whether you’re renovating a balcony or adding a wood deck.

Patio Materials

The material you choose often depends on the style of patio you prefer. The most common materials used to construct patios include:

  • Natural stone such as cobblestone and flagstone
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Lueders Limestone
  • Pavers
  • Reconstituted stone
  • Brick
  • Clay/concrete pavers
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Gravel

In addition to the aesthetics of the material, you should also consider maintenance. Natural stone, such as flagstone, is susceptible to erosion and must be re-sealed regularly. Gravel patios require frequent maintenance and wood needs to be cleaned and stained periodically.

For a look at what materials are trending for outdoor living spaces, check out this post:

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Covered Patio Additions

Patio covers enhance the appearance of your patio, provide shade and offer protection from the elements. Adding a covered patio that fits the current style of your home is a smart decision that will give you a handsome return on investment. The most popular types of patio covers and covered patio options are as follows.

A pergola is a wood structure with a flat, lattice ceiling that is open. It is most often used in garden areas. Pergola additions are a good way to add a focal point to your landscape architecture and give you and your family somewhere to retreat from the beating sun that is more private than an attached covered patio.

An awning protects the patio from the elements and usually consists of a metal base with an aluminum roof, vinyl canopy or water resistant cloth covering. Awnings are not permanent though, and have to be replaced after a while. That is why we recommend an attached covered patio addition that integrates the roofing of your home with the roofing of the patio cover.

A shade trees canopy is formed by the branches and leaves of the top part of the tree. It casts enough shade to cool the area by as much as 20 degrees. Deciduous shade trees, evergreens and flowering fruit trees provide the best shade trees canopies.

Patio Accessories

Patio accessories add beauty and comfort to your outdoor spaces. Patio furniture and built-in seating/benches offer a pleasant place to relax. You can illuminate walkways and emphasize focal points with patio lighting. Heaters can take the chill out of the air on cool evenings and the flickering flame from a fire pit will cast a comforting glow. Outdoor kitchen accessories, such as a grill, refrigerator and a sink with built-in storage, offer convenience and make entertaining stress-free. The rippling sound of flowing water from a pond or fountain in the midst of a garden masks unpleasant sounds to create a tranquil environment.

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