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Got bad windows?  Need a new window where there isn’t one?

We’ve got you covered!

Have you ever tried replacing an entire window assembly? It’s a big deal. The last thing you want is a missed step, or an oversight in your window installation causing water leaks, high AC bills, and other headaches down the road. Our professional window installers have the experience and tools necessary to install windows in your home right, the first time. Whether you want to install energy saving windows, french doors,  or custom picture frame windows, no project is too big or too small. When you’re ready to replace or repair your windows, call us! We’re Houston’s trusted window company.

Window Replacement by the Pros!

H-Towne Remodelers has been installing windows for years. Some of the most requested jobs of our window contractors include:

  • Interior Windows
  • Exterior Windows
  • New Window Installations
  • Replacement Window Installation
  • Window Size Expansion
  • Window Size Reduction

What Type of Window Do You Want Installed?

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With H-Towne Remodelers, no window is out of the picture!

Some of the most sought after window types include vinyl windows, casement windows, energy efficient windows, double paned windows, energy star certified windows, wood windows, pane glass windows, picture windows, custom windows, bay windows, garden windows, double hung windows, floor to ceiling windows, folding windows, and more. Call us to inquire about another type of window we haven’t mentioned, we do them all!

What is the Cost of Home Window Replacement?

As with other types of jobs, this cost varies depending on the materials and existing structure in your home. Sometimes with custom picture window installations, we have to add more internal support to hold the weight of the window and off-set the internal structural beam balance. In addition, there are other factors, such as window films and tint, that can have a bearing on the cost of your window replacement installation project.

The table below, from, depicts the average cost of replacing windows in Texas in 2016.


Schedule a Free Home Window Replacement Estimate Today

We know you have choices when it comes to window replacement companies in Houston, and we hope you can trust us with this very important job. From start to finish, our team of professional window installers will ensure that the job is completed on time, within budget, and just right. Call (281) 477-3400 today to schedule a free home window replacement estimate in Cypress or Houston!

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